Top Roofer in Rockford


Your entire home can substantially increase or decrease your energy costs. Maybe it's old windows or a poorly insulated roof. To all the dads out there monitoring thermostats, let’s take that off your plate. As your local and trusted exterior contractor, Castle Exteriors can help keep your entire family comfortable while saving you on energy costs!


According to The Department of Energy, switching out your windows to energy-saving windows can save you anywhere between $100 to $500 per year! The savings will all depend on if you have single or double pane windows. We will make sure you pick the right windows for your home to help you save.


Roof energy efficiency can vary greatly based on the materials you choose during your roofing replacement, but it also can vary based on how it's installed. Factors that you should be aware of when picking material are:

·    How much sunlight will your roof reflect?

·    Are you using energy efficient materials?

·    What type of climate do you live in? This should be considered when choosing a roof color.

·    Are you using modern shingles or something out of date?

Remember, your roofing company should be able to answer these questions and lead you onto the right path for your home and its needs.

*We cannot make any specific claims on how much you will save on energy costs, but these are numbers taken from reputable sources. Savings may vary or not happen at all.


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