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Living in the Midwest, we know that there's going to be snow, ice, sleet and freezing rain multiple times for the majority of each year. Talking to a local roofing contractor during the winter months can help decrease the chances of these damages on your home during the winter.


Ice dams are the build-ups of ice on your roof due to the melting and re-freezing of the snow. This can occur naturally or from poor insulation in your attic. The damaging aspect is when cracks are created, and water begins to leak. Creating proper ventilation, creating good insulation and regularly checking for leaks can help you avoid extreme damage. 


Seeing a foot or two of snow is a no brainer where we live, but when we go through multiple temperature waves, the weight can drastically increase due to the snow and ice mixture. The damage usually begins with your home's load-bearing structures and if the weight is high enough can even cause your roof to collapse (we've seen this in few cases but can be common in homes with damaged roofs or rotted structures).


We've all seen the days that it's snowing or below freezing in the morning, a heat wave mid-day and snowing and freezing again once night falls. This can cause harm to your roof and lead to leaks, weakened load-bearing structures, mold and deterioration of your roof's materials. 

In all of these instances, snow removal from your roof can help, but only if it's safe to do so. Keeping a close eye on possible damages and contacting a local and licensed exterior contracting company can help with these issues in the winter months. 


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